Varizoom VZ-STEALTH-LX Throttle for Variable-Speed Zoom Control (Black)

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Varizoom VZ-STEALTH-LX Throttle for Variable-Speed Zoom Control (Black) Description

Product Description The LX version of the Stealth has 3 additional to the populate VZSTEALTH. features: Data, Autofocus, Tape Search. Sporting the compact, versatile design of the Stealth zoom control but with three bonus features–autofocus on/off, data on/off and tape search–the easy-to-use Stealth-LX lens controller is a must-have for owners of Sony and Canon LANC- equipped camcorders. The Stealth-LX is distinguished by a unique pressure-sensitive throttle that lets you ease into zooms in either direction, hold a steady speed, or instantly accelerate into a ‘crash’ zoom. In addition, the control is completely intuitive and smooth, requiring no setup, power, or operator skill. And because your thumb never leaves the speed control, you’ll enjoy a quick response time and a smooth overall motion regardless of the action. No more worries about poor timing or shaking the camera while fumbling to find the zoom button–simply push forward to zoom in (telephoto) and pull back to zoom out (wide). The bonus features, meanwhile, add even more functionality to the zoom control. The A button lets you switch between auto and manual focus modes in a flash, the Data button is perfect for toggling between different types of onscreen information (tape time or settings), and the Tape Search mode makes it a breeze to review taped footage. Other features include a power on/off button for toggling the camera into or out of standby mode, a low-profile record/pause button, and an LED light that indicates the recording status, the remaining battery power, and the amount of time left on the tape. Features Construction: ABS plastic Compatibility: Sony and Canon LANC-equipped camcorders (manual focus feature not compatible with Canon XL2; autofocus feature not compatible with Canon XL1, XL1S, and XL2) Max clamp diameter: 1.25 inches Cord length: 40 inches Dimensions: 2 by 1.75 inches Weight: 0.2 pounds Warranty: 2 years parts and labor

Varizoom VZ-STEALTH-LX Throttle for Variable-Speed Zoom Control (Black) buy

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